We All Want a Dream Team: The Ingredients of Successful Advisory Teams

Reaching goals, growing a business, changing the world – we all have different heights that we hope to reach professionally and personally. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that success is rarely gained by working alone. A team or group that supports and guides us through the journey is necessary to take an idea to the next level and achieve success.

But how do you put that ‘Dream Team’ together with people –the right people – who are committed to your vision, projects and dreams?  Furthermore, how can you be confident in that team’s success? After all, most of us have experienced the team dynamic that fails for one reason or another.

I’ve been in your shoes.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve struggled to pull successful mastermind (also called ‘advisory’) teams together for my own businesses and projects, and I have even been asked to be on such teams, myself. Even when these groups began with structure and guidelines, inevitably each group would eventually break apart, stagnate, or dissolve into dysfunction.

Baffled, I wondered:  What patterns led to the failures in teams?  By looking for patterns, I noticed that it was usually centered on people, logistics, and/or leadership.  I looked for more clues until I finally solved the mystery.  Then, based on my discoveries, I applied my findings to the groups I created and participated with.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Problem solving, project management, tackling challenges – they are all daily obstacles for the entrepreneur and/or business owner.  We entrepreneurs need a lot of help – even if we don’t know it or know how to ask. But sometimes, building  a good team can be overwhelming and seem impossible.

I have been lucky to participate in some thriving teams, and have seen their intrinsic value. The knowledge of successful team building has changed my life, and I decided to share it to help other advisory teams succeed. You can build your team according to my model, which has proven itself time and again, fulfilling its purpose and then some!

I’m thrilled to announce that my eBook, “Your Dream Team: How to Start and Run a Mastermind Group” has launched today, August 21st!

In this book, you will find a step-by-step process to create your own advisory team around any topic you want!  The process includes determining why you want or need a team, finding clarity, setting logistical essentials, and more.

For the next couple of days only, you can purchase your copy for only $0.99, and this is a limited early-release price – the book will be full price starting Tuesday, August 26th.

I sincerely hope this eBook helps you to build your very own ‘Dream Team’!

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