Here are some of my favorite Business UNusual tools for planning, employee engagement and development for individuals, leaders, teams and organizations. They’re designed to work in any sized organization — from start-ups to mature, long established firms.


More and more organizations are turning to strength and behavioral assessments for:

  • hiring top talent
  • developing leaders and teams
  • resolving conflict

Many tools reveal a person’s visible strengths or behaviors and assume that’s also what motivates them.

The assumption is “what we see is what they need “. However, people also have internal–mostly invisible–needs or motivators that do not tend to change over time. And, those needs are frequently different from the visible strengths and behaviors.

When internal needs are left unmet over extended periods of time, productive strength behavior gives way to stress behavior.

Stress can manifest in many ways such as:

  • overwhelm and conflict
  • reduced productivity
  • siloing and isolation

We think we know how to deal with stress. We coach for it; talk it out and take corrective measures.

What we really need to do is work with it at its source–the unmet needs that are unique to each person.

All tools are not created equal! 

The Birkman Method® is the only tool of its kind to measure, combine and reveal:

  • Visible, productive behaviors
  • Inner, usually hidden needs and motivators
  • Personalized stress information–prescriptive and preventative
  • Organization orientation–vital feedback about cultures that fuel a person
  • Interests–compelling areas that influence work choices

When applied, The Birkman Method® enables:

  • higher levels of performance for individuals, teams and organizations.
  • reduction and prevention of stress behaviors.

As a result, you can maximize the performance of the most important organizational asset - people.


The Birkman is used in a variety of ways, including business building; team and leadership development; executive coaching; talent management; mergers and acquisitions and interpersonal conflict resolution.


  • Individual Sessions
  • Two-person “Differences and Similarities” Sessions
  • Team Development Workshops
  • Custom Coaching Documents and Consulting
  • Birkman Special Reports, focused on vital topics like Trust, Management Style and Communication
  • Birkman Level I Certification Training


Planning is essential to any venture. The challenge is, most people are too busy with day-to-day business to spend hours writing a lengthy strategic plan.

This tool is nimble, responsive and easy to learn. It guides individuals and teams to think, plan, and act creatively and decisively on issues large and small. Using a unique visual format, individuals and/or teams collect and connect information—building comprehension, creating insight and ending up with a completed game plan for any strategic issues.


  • 60 Minute Strategic Plan® Private SessionsSession includes training and custom consultation; completed strategic plan; copy of the 60 Minute Strategic Plan book and plan template.
  • 60 Minute Strategic Plan® Public and Private Workshops: Includes completed plan and 60 Minute Strategic Plan book for each participant. Software available for an additional fee. Groups can be customized to fit needs.
  • 60 Minute Strategic Plan® Private SessionsSession includes training and custom consultation; completed strategic plan; copy of the 60 Minute Strategic Plan book and plan template. Software available for an additional fee.
  • 60 Minute Strategic Plan® Workshops: Includes completed plan and 60 Minute Strategic Plan book for each participant. Software available for an additional fee. Groups can be customized to fit needs.


Cultures of Engagement
The conversation about Diversity is changing. High performance organizations have shifted their focus from Diversity to creating Cultures of Engagement. This course correction is changing strategies, initiatives and outcomes. Building Engagement on a platform of RESPECT is critical. This event focuses on the “How To” in building that platform. This influential process establishes a common understanding of what respect looks and feels like within a business management model.

Custom Workshops
These workshops are created to meet the needs of you and your audience.

Engaging keynotes for banquets, industry meetings, trade shows and other events. Select a topic or request a custom keynote.

Please contact me for special event and workshop pricing.


All organizations need a team of advisors—a group of people they can count on for ideas; contacts and support. Even companies that have a Board of Directors can benefit from a separate team, focused on topics that augment board work or that boards may not have time to address.

More than just finding a spot and inviting people!
It’s easy to think that creating a team is just a matter of picking people, finding a meeting spot and having an agenda. But there’s a lot more to it than that. The good news is that it is simple and easy to implement—once you know how!


Advisory Team Consulting
The right Advisory Team will help you find key contacts to build your business, develop marketing strategies, brainstorm ideas, access the combined power of multiple minds, complete tasks and enjoy camaraderie. Personalized consulting can help with:

  • Strategic planning and support of each phase of the process
  • Group facilitation and mentoring
  • Private and public workshops

The Advisory Team Series
This set of guides that teach you exactly what to do and what not to do when creating your Advisory Team. These Guides are broken down into easy to digest—yet critical—steps you can take to start benefiting from a team right away. Guides are available separately in the following categories, or all together as a full set:

Quick Reference:  Forming an advisory team is a lot more than choosing people, creating an agenda and finding a place to meet. There’s a lot to consider. This guide gives you the key aspects for building a successful team.

Logistics:  Logistics are the “What, Where, How and When” of an Advisory Team.  Paying attention to these details up front saves time, energy and money. Learn how having this “backbone” in place allows everyone to stay focused on what really matters.

Reciprocity:  Having an advisory team gives you access to valuable knowledge, time and talents. Many people want to form a team but get stopped by limited thinking about how to give back. Find out how to stay balanced with giving and receiving, often at little or no financial cost.

Team Invitations:  Inviting people to join your team can be rewarding. It’s not only important who you ask—it matters how you ask. A well done invitation gives a person all the details they need up front to make an informed choice about becoming a member. Get the knowledge you need to do this well.


Have you ever wished you had someone you could turn to that was not directly involved in your day-to-day affairs? Someone who had your best interests at heart and was an objective sounding board? My consulting services are designed with you in mind—no cookie cutter approaches; no hype. Just genuine, helpful advice on topics that matter most to you.