Non Profit

As a leader of a mission-driven organization today, you face unique challenges. I understand these challenges because I’ve worked for nonprofits, too. I’ve served on citizen committees, volunteered my time and donated money, and facilitated their boards, executive leadership and staff teams.

I’ve also worked at for-profit organizations. That’s given me a broader perspective that allows me to share best practices from the business world and apply them in ways that don’t sacrifice your mission. In other words, I can help you weave together the best aspects of both worlds.

I’ve found that my years of experience in social work and psychology inform every project. In addition, my working knowledge of advisory teams, boards, team building, event planning, and public speaking help me develop innovative solutions.

“When I became the new Executive Director of our nonprofit, and Jenny was engaged to mentor me during my first year of transition. I was delighted; Jenny is someone I can really relate to. She has a style that is easy and is very logical. In short, Jenny is always there to answer my questions, put things in perspective, boost my confidence, and makes me feel like she is my biggest fan!”  Patt Kosier

Nonprofit organizations call on me to mentor their executive directors and staff in areas such as time management, conflict resolution, brainstorming, strategic and tactical planning, and consensus building.

My board services are comprehensive. I start early to ensure that the agenda of your meetings and retreats flows. I can develop or fine-tune your event plans and provide on-site facilitation and post-event implementation strategies. Throughout the process, I dig deep to fully understand your needs so I can suggest solutions that open doors, build trust, and create or restore harmony. Like a music conductor, I direct the individual participants—boards, executive leadership teams, staff teams, and executive directors—into a greater whole.

My services include:

  • Board and executive leadership team retreat facilitation
  • Executive director advising, mentoring, and transitioning
  • Strategic and tactical planning (especially with the 60msp)
  • Mediation
  • Crisis and change management consulting
  • Staff, management, and volunteer engagement
  • Fund-raising alternatives

I can help you foster the changes you need so you can stay focused on what matters most to you—being of service and carrying out your mission. Let’s talk soon to see how we can work together.

“As a seasoned facilitator, I know what it takes to lead meetings that are both meaningful and productive.  When my schedule is too full to do this type of work – or when I want to be a participant rather than the leader – the first person I call is Jenny Capella. Jenny facilitated a board retreat for our organization and the feedback was extremely positive.  A month later at our next meeting, everyone was still talking about her outstanding work.  The founder said it was the best retreat they’ve had since the founding of the organization 30 years ago. I’ve referred Jenny to a variety of organizations, all with the same positive results.  I wholeheartedly recommend her for your next board, executive leadership or staff retreat.” Michael Auch