Today, leaders are bombarded with an overwhelming array of options. Online searches for “how to be a successful leader” deliver millions of hits. Books boast “10 steps” to powerful leadership or offer a cookie-cutter course that supposedly suits all leaders.

But no two leaders are alike.

Maybe you’re a leader who is fast approaching retirement age but doesn’t want to fully retire. Or perhaps you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, but due to the economy, you feel trapped. And these days, who doesn’t wonder how to bring balance to their personal and professional lives?

Sound familiar? If you’re at a crossroads in your company or within yourself, I can help you.

I listen and draw on my years of real-world experience—from large corporations to start-ups. My trademark style and enthusiasm help people believe in themselves, even at times when that is a challenge.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny on several projects now. She is a real people-person and a superb connector. I’ve been impressed again and again by the breadth of her creativity and her follow-through. And Jenny’s Birkman® consulting is invaluable; once you try it with your management team, you may want to extend it to any key player in your business.” Patrick Meehan

Leaders have come to trust my love for people and genuine desire to be of service. I can help you hone your leadership style, address specific issues and affirm your strengths so you feel empowered to face and solve your own challenges.

Or we can take a broader approach to leadership—from your organization’s problems to personal issues. Your board wants X, but your gut says that’s a bad idea. Or valuable employees need to be laid off, a decision that deeply troubles you. What do you do? Whom do you listen to? You need trusted guidance.

In all my consulting—from one-on-one counseling to group sessions—I offer:

  • Mentoring and advising
  • Crisis and change management
  • Team development, building and enhancement
  • Employee engagement
  • Advisory board and executive team meetings

Ready to take action? Let’s talk soon about how we can get started. (206) 501-7737.

“Jenny has provided my firm incredible value, both through her business connections and referrals and through the employee assessment tool she uses. But beyond that, she is a person of unusual integrity and warmth; I always leave a meeting with her feeling better about the world!”  Rick Blythe

“Jenny brought a leadership assessment to me and members of my company. The results of that consultation have been employees who cite they’ve never been happier at any other company – and 100 percent growth two quarters in a row! Thanks Jenny!”  Brant Williams