Life throws us punches. No one is immune to challenges, transitions, or problems. But we can learn to embrace life’s transitions and develop our own definition of success.

That’s where I come in.

Are you facing a career transition? Or do you feel the tug of entrepreneurism? Maybe you’re in a quandary: Self-employment sounds good, but you like more stability in your life. I’ve helped many individuals face—and solve—these situations.

To get at your own answers, we work together on your definition of success. That’s essential. If you’re living by a definition of success based on what society or others say, then you are working at a deficit. You’re running on empty because your tank isn’t full of what you truly want.

“Jenny combines creativity with thoroughness and delivers an excellent product. She has the ability be able to see ‘the big picture’ and yet still manages details well.”  Margot Washington

In addition to business issues, many people also seek my advice and counsel on personal problems. Not long ago, a young woman came to me about one thing and then unexpectedly began sharing her serious marriage challenges. Through our talks, she gained strength, courage, and insight to implement decisions she had been avoiding.

Three of the powerful tools I use to help you discover the right answers for you include:

  1. 60 Minute Strategic Planning (60msp) – quickly develop roadmaps for improved time management, career transitions, conflict resolution, entrepreneurism—the list goes on.
  2. The Birkman Method® assessment – discover what truly makes you tick. We’ll identify or expand your career path, increase your self-awareness, and explore how to effectively communicate with others so you get the results you want.
  3. Dialogue supported by my extensive research and work on the topics of life purpose, careers, and relationships to help you delve deeper into what matters most to you.

Whatever your individual needs, I’m on your side 100 percent. Let’s get together and find out what’s important for you. (206) 501-7737.

“For a long time, I’ve had a dream to own a business. Now, thanks Jenny, I have gone from working for others to owning my own jewelry business. Jenny introduced me to the Birkman® assessment tool, which dramatically improved the way I communicate with others. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jenny! She is an extraordinary business and relationship builder.”  Bayley Kessler


  • Life transitions—career; personal
  • Planning and implementing
  • Conflict resolution
  • Relationship enhancement
  • Purpose and life direction identification