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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

Have you ever wondered why business as usual is not working?

In spite of access to cutting-edge tools and a sincere desire for change, most organizations today are still struggling with unproductive habits, disengaged employees and isolated leaders.

Even though we try to move the needle on the change dial, it often stands still.

Welcome to Business UNusual!

Business UNusual is a proven method that moves that dial and offers solutions to problems affecting most business owners, organizational leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Too often, our solutions don’t actually solve our problems:

  • We know that raising employee engagement levels and productivity has to be addressed at the leadership level … and yet … we apply new tactics only on the individual employee, team or departmental level.
  • We often think entrepreneurism is the best way to create many new jobs … and yet … we continue to write policies and invest in new ventures that won’t be the significant sources of new jobs that we think they will be.
  • We believe that a set of Diversity and Inclusion policies in a binder means we’re being fair, current and protected … and yet … billions of dollars are spent each year on diversity-related lawsuits (with many courts ruling on the side of practice, not policy.)

How does Business UNusual work?

Have you, like other forward thinkers, been questioning the status quo—business as usual? Asking why, with all the leadership coaching and organizational development training, we are not significantly changing in the most fundamental ways?

When you team up with us and engage in the Business UNusual process, you’ll be able to:

…generate sustainable employee engagement and increased productivity.

…decrease money spent on employee turnover.

…create congruence with a consistent message in everything you think, say and do.

With Business UNusual, we help our clients look at deeply held assumptions about their employees, their companies and the world so they know how to create sustainable change. This is the kind of change that continues to flow and adapt to ever-evolving situations.

Then, we delve deeper, taking a look at their own heart and core—what matters most to them—knowing that living in alignment with their highest ideals can profoundly impact every aspect of their lives, including business.

Business UNusual means different things to different people. Here’s what it means to us and to our clients:

  • Creating congruence, inside and out—what we think is what we say and how we act—at every level.
  • Recognizing diversity in every way—no exclusions—starting at the level of individual diversity.
  • Knowing that strategic roadmaps must balance consistency with room for spontaneity.
  • Empowering individuals to know themselves and their impact, because it matters—it really matters.

Benefits of Business UNusual!

At all levels of the organization (and phases in its life cycles) the benefits of Business UNusual are available to you!  You will start to enjoy:

  • Respect and understanding. We get to the heart of the matter—what matters most to you.
  • More profits, by uncovering hype and cookie-cutter approaches, to find what your business really needs.
  • Clarity and increased self-worth, leading to better business decisions.
  • The right employees in the first place.
  • A culture of engagement that starts from – and includes – the level of leadership.

Do you resonate with Business UNusual?

Whether you’re an established business, emerging leader, entrepreneur or still dreaming of having your own business, if you relate to the questions and concerns Business UNusual answers, we welcome you.  This site is designed to help you find products and resources that can assist you in moving your change needle toward sustainable, creative ways to attract and retain employees and clients or customers who share your values.