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Getting to Why Exercise

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Learning from Your Past Exercise

Learning from your past

Three More Keys to Clarity Worksheet

three more keys to clarity worksheet


Logistics Worksheet


Reciprocity Worksheet


Invitation Letter Template

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Advisory Team Building Highlights and Worksheets

Team Building



“Jenny Capella’s practical Advisory Team Series guide earns a five-star rating, challenging Covey and Peters for applicable business advice. Surrounding myself with talented people has been crucial to all of my business successes. Until Jenny Capella’s Advisory Team Series was published, my advisory teams were assembled much like throwing darts at a dart board. Following Capella’s lead in this easy-to-implement guide, my recently formed non-profit Advisory Group flawlessly came together.” Brian J. Jaeger,

“If you want to create an advisory team – for any reason – you’ll really appreciate all the work that Jenny Capella has already done to assure your success! It has been incredibly helpful to have a resource like the Advisory Team Series to thoughtfully and thoroughly walk me through the process of planning and creating my ideal team. The questions in each guide lead to essential clarity, and the checklists and worksheets guarantee you’re covering all the bases of setting up a great team experience for everyone involved.” Katherine Burks,

“You gets to the heart of the matter and gives readers an excellent tool for working efficiently and effectively through the process of building teams. I love how your message is streamlined yet thorough. I find the Logistics and Reciprocity Guides especially helpful. Thanks for sharing your hard- won knowledge.” Lynda McDaniel; Director, Association for Creative Business Writing

“The advisory guide is REALLY good!!! I especially liked the section on Reciprocity. Since I work in a church, I have always assumed people would help out of a sense of service and desire for the church to do well and that sort of thing. The idea of reciprocity really helped me think through some concepts I had not considered before. It was all very conversational and I felt your steps would be very easy to implement.” Allison Woods

“Jenny was indispensable in helping me gather a team of professionals to assist me with my business. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and is a excellent connector, helping people to gather the right people and resources around them.” Bayley Kessler, Owner and Jeweler, Joailliere Designs