You know you’re an entrepreneur when …

Guess what? Contrary to popular belief, there is no one way to be an entrepreneur. And no singular definition for what it takes to be successful.

You have a unique life path; I do too. We need to stop believing the myths that either lead us away from exploring entrepreneurism or encourage us to jump into it with false thinking, such as:

1. The United States is the world leader in entrepreneurism. Not true. The United States is in the bottom third of all countries in young businesses per capita.

2. Start-ups create most of the new jobs, so we need to start as many companies as we can! Neither. Some start-ups create jobs, but it’s fewer than we think.

  • Only 1% of the U.S. workforce is employed in companies less than two years old
  • 60% work in companies that are more than 10 years old.

(Thanks to Dr. Scott A. Shane for his great book “The Illusions of Entrepreneurism.”)

3. You need to be a certain type. Not true. For many years, I derided myself for not being an exact fit with the common definitions of entrepreneurism and success. Eventually, I came to understand my unique path of entrepreneurism.

I am certain the same is true for you. If you’re drawn or “called” to entrepreneurism, the reason and the direction are specific to you.

How I can help you find your path:
I’ve been in the business world a long time, and I understand the value of certain best practices and business methodologies. But those should be in service to—not instead of—your definition of success and the “why” or core cause behind your calling to be an entrepreneur.

My clients work with me because I, too, am an entrepreneur. I’ve been in the trenches with my own business for a number of years. I’ve walked this path, and I know the pitfalls. I understand that entrepreneurism isn’t like looking into a crystal clear mirror every day. Like it or not, we’re faced daily with the full responsibility for our businesses and how they’re doing. There’s no one to blame but ourselves. We can run, but we can’t hide from it.

When we work together, we explore your calling and what you believe being an entrepreneur will do for you. We’ll answer questions such as: Is right now the best time to do this? How could you do it even better? Can this need get met some other way?

Entrepreneurs work with me to:

  • Help develop their businesses
  • Make contacts with strategic partners and new customers
  • Connect with investors and affiliates
  • Develop their target market
  • Create advisory teams

My clients come from so many disciplines—from authors and artists to new technologies and gaming inventors. Let’s talk soon about how I can help you find, explore, and thrive on your unique path. (206) 501-7737.

“Jenny Capella has been a great friend and resource to us and our gallery. She has introduced us to potential art buyers, artists, and business partners. Most notably, she connected us to a realtor who we work closely with to provide artwork for homes that are for sale. Jenny is a wonderful person, genuine and thoughtful, and is truly an advocate for businesses.” Alex Strazzanti

“Jenny has a unique expertise in helping business owners understand the connection between ‘relationship with self’ and creating a rewarding and successful business. Her consulting has helped me redefine how I approach my work and develop and implement core strategies for projects – both personal and business related. She has also taught me how to intentionally create and grow a great advisory board. I highly recommend her!” Katherine Burks