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Business UNusual Company Spotlight: Chris Cunningham

I’m here today with Chris Cunningham, founder & CEO of Edge5 Marketing. JENNY:  Hello Chris.  Welcome to the Business Unusual Company Spotlight!  Thank you for being with me today.  Tell me about Edge5 Marketing and what led you into this work. CHRIS:  I started my career in the auto industry.  I began in...
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Business UNusual Company Spotlight: Sue Malone

I’m here today with Sue Malone, owner of Strategies for Small Business.

Jenny:  Sue, what’s the background that led you to starting your company? Sue:  I started during 2001-2002.  Several years prior, I had tried to get a loan for my own business and could not.  It was very difficult...
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A Job Seeker’s Guide to Business Cards

Business cards are still a prominent way to exchange information during a networking experience. Job seekers often ask if they should have business cards. To answer this, I asked my favorite expert on this topic, Matt Youngquist, owner of Career Horizons (  I wholeheartedly agree with his answer: “You know, while I don't think...
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Business UNusual Company Spotlight: Joailliere Designs

A Q&A with Bayley Kessler, Founder of Joailliere Designs Jenny:  Hello Bayley.  Thanks for being here today.  How did you select your business name, what does it mean and how do you pronounce it? Bayley:  For many years, I have had an affinity with the French culture.  I wanted to have a name that...
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