What is Business UNusual? (The way I do it)

When defining my approach to helping businesses change for success, I often say that we need to start doing “Business UNusual”.

We continue to try new tactics for increasing employee productivity and engagement – but only on the level of individual, team, or department, and not at the leadership level. We set policies for diversity and inclusion, assuming that makes us fair and protected, but diversity-related lawsuits cost billions each year because we’re not really changing our practices.

Why do we keep doing business the way we’ve been doing it for years, even though it’s not working?

Sometimes people use the term, “Business as usual” as if it’s a good thing. But unfortunately, business as usual isn’t necessarily effective. So how do we start on a path toward Business UNusual? Here are three steps to take…

  1. Look at deeply held assumptions and assess their effectiveness. What policies or tactics have you used to increase employee engagement? How have your leadership strategies developed over the years? If your business as usual is not working, the first step is to identify that. If some practices are working, it can be very helpful to recognize that as well! Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” It’s time to assess the ideals, practices, and policies about your business to change the ones necessary to achieve success and growth.
  2. Determine your level of congruence. Are you living in alignment with your purpose in life? Is your company in congruence with growth and goals? Of course, it’s always a work in progress, but achieving congruence is vital to your success. The less we live in congruence, the less energy we have to grow and succeed as a business, thus dividing our power and possibly creating a lack of trust from our customers. As Ghandi said it: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Start with your own congruence before you look to changing others’.
  3. Empower individuals to enable them to reach congruence. After you find your congruence, as the leadership within your business, you must inspire and enable your employees, management, and even clients and customers to get into congruence. To do this, determine if you have employees in the positions and roles they are best suited for, based on their strengths. Additionally, you can further empower them by creating a culture of engagement throughout your entire organization.

Business UNusual is all about re-thinking the reasons why and the ways we do the things we do. If our practices and policies are not achieving growth or reaching goals that are essential to your business’ success, it’s time to try Business UNusual for a change!

Give me a call to discuss the possibilities of Business UNusual for your company. I look forward to helping you give Business UNusual a try, and achieve success for your organization.

Featured photo from Pixabay.com.


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