Business Owners

Vital, healthy businesses are the life blood of our country, and as a business owner, you contribute to our economy in so many ways. But as you know all too well, that doesn’t happen without challenges, challenges you have to face head on every day. From employee turnover to loss of market share and profitability, the list can become overwhelming.

And today you face challenges we didn’t have 20 years ago. Like the Internet and its impact on globalization. Or the effect of Facebook and Twitter on businesses today. In addition, employees are increasingly disengaged, ready to move to another company at a moment’s notice. “Change is a constant” has become a cliché—but it’s painfully true.

So how do you navigate through these changes? How do you recognize them ahead of time so you can deal with them before they catch you off guard?

“Jenny Capella engages unwavering support for each client with a unique and authentic style. When a business or professional horizon appears dark and chaotic, this is the time to fully integrate Jenny into your plans. With calm resolve she clears the view wherein clients strategize new opportunities and define a clear path towards their goals. Jenny’s remarkable selflessness targets the highest possible results for her clients. We all deserve the very best collaborative partners along the way, and I count on, and highly recommend, Jenny Capella.” Brian Jaeger

That’s where I can help. I work with business owners to successfully identify potential issues early—long before they become full-blown, critical challenges. I partner with you to handle situations you may not want to face or be able to face by yourself. I can step in at any phase of your organization’s life cycle to deliver the trusted assistance you need, when you need it.

My services include:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Organizational development
  • Training and team building
  • Guidance and advice

Together we can tackle these challenges and create timely strategies and solutions. We’ll develop fresh, innovative ways that not only help you prevent unnecessary losses—but also guide you into a new level of success.

“Jenny has provided my firm incredible value, both through her business connections and referrals and through the employee assessment tool she uses. But beyond that, she is a person of unusual integrity and warmth; I always leave a meeting with her feeling better about the world!” Rick Blythe