Boards & Teams

As a board member, executive director or department head, you have likely experienced meeting agendas that go astray, leaving you without enough time to accomplish what you intended. Or perhaps you’re dealing with a team of people (boards and work teams, for example) who are facing a conflict of some kind—perhaps involving
communication style, workforce productivity or employee engagement.

I can help.

I have years of experience empowering boards of directors, leadership and staff teams, and advisory groups. The work we do together is based on my philosophy that teams are made up of individuals; each individual brings a unique background of skills, vision, perceptions, hopes and fears to the group.

I work with boards, advisory teams and executive leadership teams to help them work smoothly, whether that means solving trouble spots or maximizing what’s already working and making it even better.

Perhaps there’s conflict that needs resolution, and you want to build consensus. Or you don’t have a team, but wish you did. I have the background and tools to help you develop that group of people to support and advise you.

“If you want to create an advisory team – for any reason – you’ll really appreciate all the work that Jenny Capella has already done to assure your success! It has been incredibly helpful to have a resource like the Advisory Team Series to thoughtfully and thoroughly walk me through the process of planning and creating my ideal team. 

The questions in each guide lead to essential clarity, and the checklists and worksheets guarantee you’re covering all the bases of setting up a great team experience for everyone involved.”  Katherine Burks

Much of my work with boards involves both profits and nonprofits eager to learn more about delivering more effective meetings. They’re tired of wasted time, poor productivity and lost opportunities. We work together to build respect and trust that ensure a solid base—with everyone on the same playing field, communicating from a shared perspective.

Respect is incredibly important. Even if people don’t particularly like each other, they can accomplish so much more when they respect one another. Once they do, they can stay focused on their mission and achieve their goals.

My services include:

  • One-on-one mentoring for improved team participation
  • Sub-teams/committees and teamwork building
  • Advisory teams from conception to completion
  • Meeting facilitation and planning
  • Customized retreats and events

My topics include:

  • Effective communications
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased respect
  • Restored and enhanced trust, and more

Before every meeting or retreat, I work to get people on the same page. If that’s not possible ahead of the event, I can help facilitate it to ensure success during the meeting.

One of my favorite ways to start this process is through a brainstorming session about everything that is vital to the organization, such as what would it look like to have a culture where everybody is respected, productive, trusted, and so on. At one staff team retreat I facilitated, for example, significant challenges stood in the way of the board and the staff team respecting and trusting one another. I asked the group what a culture of respect and trust would look like and wrote everything down on a flip chart.

Prior to that session, I had given each team member a special assessment that gave them information about how they could create trust in their environment, what they need from their environment in order to trust, and what happens to them when they have lost trust. This pre-work really paid off. It was especially helpful later when they paired off and discussed how they can truly make a difference—with each other and within the organization—on the topic of trust.

At the end of that session, I went back to the flipchart and asked them to review the notes we made in our brainstorming session. They all saw the incredible insight that came out of that brainstorm, even before we got into their full team meeting/training. They learned that while they could throw ideas onto a flip chart, what really mattered was that everyone understood and honored the needs of each individual. They now appreciated how much one person’s definition of trust can differ from someone else’s.

I help unlock what’s going on with your teams and what truly matters to them. I often find that what’s on the surface—maybe some conflict or poor productivity—is rooted in individual misperceptions and misinterpretations among the team members. Once we get those solved, we’re racing toward resolution, respect, and results.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny on several projects now. She is a real people-person and a superb connector. I’ve been impressed again and again by the breadth of her creativity and her follow-through. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jenny to any business needing a pole star in a constellation of world class business contacts. I should also mention that Jenny’s Birkman consulting is invaluable: once you try it with your management team you may want to extend it to any key player in your business.” 
 Patrick Meehan