Trusted Business Advisor

As a trusted business advisor to key influencers, Jenny Capella launches new ventures and mentors current and emerging leaders and teams. She’s an inspirational professional who builds respect, trust, connectivity and inclusion across departments and at all levels.

“Jenny Capella likes to say she is a ‘trusted business advisor to key influencers.’ That’s not just a catchphrase. Jenny’s special talents are relationship-building and making connections between colleagues. She doesn’t say, ‘You should call these guys sometime.’ She thinks it through, proposes the possible business benefits to getting to know her business contacts, and follows through to make beneficial business happen.”  Michael Messina

Jenny is deeply committed to individual and organizational development that is congruent inside and out. She knows that growth is dynamic—not static—and that any organizational roadmap needs to balance effective planning with room for positive, spontaneous movement. Jenny also understands that to be most effective in her work, she too must be congruent – aligning what she says with what she does.

“Jenny provided me innovative and value-added coaching to assist in my recent job search. She went beyond the typical resume and interview preparation with insightful coaching that identified my strengths and helped me quantify results in prior positions. The end result? Within two weeks of implementing her approach I was engaged in job interviews with two outstanding organizations and was offered and accepted a position with my preferred choice. If you are in a career transition, or looking for someone who gets results, ‘GET JENNY!’”  Randall Gross

Nimble Business Leader

As a nimble business leader, Jenny generates responsive strategies and motivation during times of crisis and change. She mobilizes executives, individuals and teams to create consensus and take action.

Over time, she’s cultivated a broad range of experiences that gives her a rare understanding of the inner workings and connectivity of all sectors. She’s also taken the time to work directly in every aspect of an organization, giving her the ability to understand strengths and issues from inside, individually and collectively.

“As a seasoned facilitator, I know what it takes to lead meetings that are both meaningful and productive.  When my schedule is too full to do this type of work – or when I want to be a participant rather than the leader – the first person I call is Jenny Capella. Jenny facilitated a board retreat for our organization, and the feedback was extremely positive.  A month later, everyone was still talking about her outstanding work. The founder said it was the best retreat since the organization started 30 years ago.”  Michael Auch

Scope of Experience

  • Multiple sectors—Government, academic, profit and non-profit
  • Wide geographic breadth—Local, national, international
  • Life cycles–New ventures, start-ups, mid-sized and corporate
  • Broad range industries—information technology, gaming, legal, art and music, real estate, retail, event planning, food and beverage, healthcare, telecom

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