3 Common Pitfalls for Business Owners (And How to Avoid Them)

Business owners of all kinds may have different goals and priorities, but each is striving for one thing: success. But whatever form success may take for these business owners, some key things can get in the way of achieving that success. These are three common pitfalls that affect business owners, and how to avoid them and ultimately realize their goals…

Pitfall: Trying to fit a mold. Despite all of the ‘How To’ books and ‘Top 10’ lists on leadership and achieving success, there is no singular strategy or steps to follow that guarantees success. By twisting yourself into a pretzel to try to squeeze into a one-size-fits-all mold, you will actually do more to harm your progress than help it. Stop trying to fit a mold, and learn to use your unique strengths to creatively accomplish goals.

Pitfall: Lack of self-leadership. It’s easy to get dragged down by a hefty task list, or be so busy with meetings that you forget to focus on the real priorities, but when you lack self-leadership, your team can struggle. Business owners and leaders who don’t reach out to the team for help or collaboration and ‘silo’ themselves need to step out and self-lead by first understanding who they are and what they can do. Next, determine your direction and tailor your emotions, behavior and communication to help you get there.

Pitfall: Attempting to go it alone. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly was not built alone! Leaders and business owners of all levels of knowledge and skill all need a team or group of individuals that they can turn to for advice or help. The pitfall of attempting to go it alone can result in burn-out, mistakes, and maybe costly problems for your business. Avoid this pitfall by putting together a handful of people whom you trust to give you good advice and re-direct you where needed. I have an Advisory Teams Guide Series to help you navigate this process – click here to take a look.

For more leadership tips and guidance for business owners, I offer a variety of coaching, resources, and more. Contact me for more information, and to discuss your needs.

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