Yearly Archives: 2014

Business UNusual Company Spotlight: Sue Malone

I’m here today with Sue Malone, owner of Strategies for Small Business.

Jenny:  Sue, what’s the background that led you to starting your company? Sue:  I started during 2001-2002.  Several years prior, I had tried to get a loan for my own business and could not.  It was very difficult...
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A Job Seeker’s Guide to Business Cards

Business cards are still a prominent way to exchange information during a networking experience. Job seekers often ask if they should have business cards. To answer this, I asked my favorite expert on this topic, Matt Youngquist, owner of Career Horizons (  I wholeheartedly agree with his answer: “You know, while I don't think...
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Business UNusual Company Spotlight: Joailliere Designs

A Q&A with Bayley Kessler, Founder of Joailliere Designs Jenny:  Hello Bayley.  Thanks for being here today.  How did you select your business name, what does it mean and how do you pronounce it? Bayley:  For many years, I have had an affinity with the French culture.  I wanted to have a name that...
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Benefits of the Roundtable

Right now, many people are seeking to improve their lives in a specific way. Some are searching for work after a long stint of unemployment.  Others have taken up new ventures and are wondering how to fund those endeavors. During career transitions, people often revert back to thinking of the past and fixating on things that didn’t work...
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